Safety glasses 12pcs


Wooden Wedges 100 per box

Price range : 7.99 to 7.99
Wooden Wedge:

Phosphor plate envelope

Price range : 6.10 to 6.10
Phosphor Plate Envelope:

Mixing Pads

Price range : 7.99 to 8.50
Mixing Pad:

Micro Applicators 100 per bottle

Price range : 2.89 to 2.89
Micro Applicators:

Drinking cups 5oz 100 per bag

Price range : 3.15 to 3.15
Drinking Cups:

Disposable mouth mirror:

Disposable Mouth Mirror


Bendable Brush 100 per bottle

Price range : 4.50 to 4.50
Bendable Brush 100 per bottle:

Phosphor Barrier Envelope w/card insert

Price range : 9.99 to 9.99
Barrier envelope w/card insert:


Protec was the brainchild that stemmed from a team who came from a family of dentists, health care physicians, and global entrepreneurs. We have taken this concept and made it our passion to provide the dental community with our own brand of medical supplies. 

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